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November 17, 2013
Debut album re-issue in North America
The self-titled debut album re-issue will be released in North America in two days! Pre-order it at Amazon if you haven't already. Also available at Amazon Canada to for our friends in the north. Thanks for your support!
November 08, 2013
Self-titled debut album re-issue release dates
The self titled debut album re-issue will be released in Europe on November 15th and in North America on November 19th! You can pre-order your copy at the Ulterium Records Store, Amazon or at your favorite record shop. On November 19th you can get it digitally as well. We hope you'll enjoy the album, thanks for your support!
October 26, 2013
European Tour News
Only one week until our third European tour! Unfortunately Shawn won't be able to join us on this tour due to scheduling conflicts, but we're excited to announce that the talented Joshua Street will be joining us behind the drums. Joshua played with us at our last two shows and did a fantastic job, so it was only natural for us to ask him to fill in for the tour, and fortunately for us he was happy to step up to the challenge--thanks Josh! We are all so excited to see many familiar and new faces over the next few weeks, and we're honored to come back and play for you all...see you soon!!
October 11, 2013
Theocracy European Tour Auction
Theocracy will tour Europe in November this year. The tour will span over three weekends and will take them through Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and more. Touring is quite expensive, so we're setting up a bunch of auctions below to help support Theocracy on this tour. All money [excl. shipping costs] will go straight to the band to help cover the expenses for the tour.

Check this link for additional details, and thanks for your support!

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